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The Muses, and How They Amuse Themselves

Image Courtesy of the Painter-I-Didn't-Look-Up
Image Courtesy of the Painter-I-Didn't-Look-Up

Here they are, amusing themselves. Hold on a moment while I curse them under my breath.

Inspiration is a strange thing, and powerful. It’s so powerful that the ancient Greeks deified it. Well, not it exactly, but them. Those awful, wonderful creatures.

I’m referring to the Muses, of course. (more…)


Captain Underpants and Calvin and Hobbes: A Love Story

So… Ahem… Captain Underpants.


Before you quit reading, let me just say this for Dav Pilkey, the Captain’s creator: He’s got guts. And brains.

I mean, who else would be brave enough to write and illustrate either of these two titles below, and seven or so others like them? (more…)

Internet Tags: The Poor Man’s Dewey Decimal System

Original Image Courtesy of flickr.com
Original Image Courtesy of flickr.com

(See? Internet Tags just swaggers around and paints web graffiti all over your stuff.)

Recently I’ve thought a lot about libraries. Why would I do that? Well for one thing, the novel I’m working on has a library in its story. In fact, the library is so much a part of the story that I’ve put the word Library in the novel’s title. (I can’t tell you the rest of the title because it’s darn good, and I’m a tiny bit afraid someone might steal it before I get a chance use it.) The other reason I’ve been thinking about libraries is that I recently applied to one for a part-time job. I mean, what better way to use one’s time than by working with books?

Yeah, that’s what I thought, too. (more…)

B is for Bacon in the BLT’s of Literature

Image Courtesy of today.com

(I… um… *slurp, smack*… seem to have forgotten the literature part…)

If I could, I would spend all day writing nice little things about writing, about my writing, about poetry and authorship… but if I did that I would probably run out of meaningful things to say before too long. I suppose what I am attempting to convey is that sometimes spending time doing other activities besides your beloved hobby and job enriches life and expands thinking. Thank goodness that every once in a while these other activities demand my time, or my writing would began to suffer even more than it does now.

This time around I wanted to say a bit about character duos. And trios. Character duos and trios. (more…)

Thoughts on Poetry from behind a Bunker

Image Courtesy of arniesairsoft.co.uk

The landmines are buried in front of it, carefully hidden underneath the turf.

Since I gave some background on the two short stories I recently posted, I thought I might do the same for the little poems I already had on the site. But the tiny blurbs I have for them would make for a short blog post, so I’ve decided to insert a few of my ideas on the subject of poetry while I’m at it. You can imagine how nervous I am, considering how deadly serious some people take their poetry, and I may have built a bunker in preparation. (more…)