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Stick Figures and their Derivatives

Primitive Stick Figures Hunting Deer.

Primitive Stick Figures Hunting Deer.

If you’ve ever read The Adventure of the Dancing Men, or if you’ve ever seen a primitive cave drawing (and I know you have since an image of some cave art is located right above this paragraph), then you will know that stick figures have been around for a very long time. Some of the first things we draw as a small child, doodling in the empty pages of our mother’s little black book which she gave us to keep us occupied while waiting at the doctor’s office, waiting for the car to be repaired at the shop, waiting for that old guy in the starched white-collar and black suit coat to hurry up and finish his speech so we can go out and play—some of the first things we draw are stick figures. (more…)


A Guide for the Amateur Car Chauffeur and How to Become a Limo Driver

Image Courtesy of William Creswell

Image Courtesy of William Creswell

Want to be an amateur car chauffeur? Or maybe you want to know how to become a limo driver? If you want the latter, then you’ll probably want to be an amateur car chauffeur first, to gain the experience you need to become the limo driver of your dreams.

For the Amateur Car Chauffeur:

First off, an amateur car chauffeur needs a car to drive. But it can’t just be any car. If you own the car you’re driving, then you’ve already failed in your role as chauffeur. Chauffeurs never drive their own vehicles, so you’ll need to find another person’s car. The easiest, fastest, cheapest way to get someone else’s car is to steal it. (more…)

Tips to Avoid Being a Bore: Strategies from a Society Pro and, in general, the Cleverest Person at the Party

Image Courtesy of That-Guy-Who-Took-This-Picture

Hyenas are verrrrry social. You won’t bore them at all. They’ll even eat you.

I admit that my last post was a bit of a sneaky trick, and it’s possible that some readers who wanted more to actually read were probably disappointed. And the two posts before that were both book reviews, which, unless you already plan on reading the books being reviewed or have already read them, are usually dull and boring no matter how well written. Put another way, most people are more interested in something they know about because most people are more interested in their own opinion, and that’s just the way it works. So if you haven’t read or don’t intend to read The Illustrated Wee Free Men or A Hat Full of Sky, then I apologize for boring you. To make up for it I thought I’d make this post especially interesting and rollickin’ good fun.


On Using Self-Explanatory Titles for Your Writing

Image Courtesy of That-Entity-I-Forgot-To-Look-Up


Snow Story Storm, Procrastination, and Criticism as Natural Selection


Two things, utterly unrelated.

The first is this fantastic story written in a wonderfully creative medium, and beautifully executed by the author, Shelley Jackson. You can view it here: SNOW A story in progress, weather permitting. I admit that I wish it had been my idea—it’s cool and clever and serene all at once. I will also admit—reluctantly—that the word “underpants,” is what drew my attention to it.

Image Courtesy of snowshelleyjackson

Yup. This is one of the most interesting and intriguing photos I have ever seen.