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The Author of “The Farting Princess and the Brave Prince” Needs Help!

Today’s post is going to be shortish (Hooray!), but not particularly funny (Drat!). First, I’d like to draw your attention to the new update schedule for The Playground, which will now update every Tuesday and Friday instead of every Tuesday and Thursday (and sometimes Saturday). I have several reasons for the change, the main one being that I was a day late for both of the last posts I need a bit more time to imagine and create better content for you, my readers. Plus I can do whatever I want on my blog, so suck it up. Thursdays are just a little too close to Tuesdays for me to work effectively, in my opinion.

Second, a friend and writing colleague of mine needs help. His name is Harvey Seibel, and he is the notorious author of The Farting Princess and the Brave Prince, which has been mentioned on this blog before, albeit briefly. He has finished several books already, which is more than my zero finished books, so I hate him writing primarily in the children’s fantasy genre, with such titles as The Enchanted Kingdom…

The Enchanted Kingdom

 Andy Andrews and the Adventure of the 13th Princess…

The picture is a bit grainy. It looks better in person.

The picture is a bit grainy. It looks better in person.

or titles like Dishwashers Inc., and Tamar and the Camera from Morocco, along with a delightful collection of short stories titled Me and Poophead Penelope…

He's got a bit of a recurring theme, it seems (farting, poop, princesses).

He’s got a bit of a recurring theme, it seems (farting, poop, princesses).

His latest novel is titled Born Lucky, and, in his own words, is about “one very unlucky guy.” It’s an entertaining read, and he’s all set to get it into print except for one problem.

He needs a book cover.

Well, actually he’s got like sixty book covers, but he can’t decide which one he wants. He’s narrowed it down to the number of fingers on his right hand (seven) but would like input from more people because he wants to choose the best cover he possibly can.

And that’s where you come in!

His top five designs (I may have exaggerated about the number of fingers on his right hand) are up on a poll, waiting for your votes to be cast. All you have to do is follow this link here or maybe this link or even THIS LINK, and take ten or fifteen seconds to rate each design or even just your favorite design. Any little feedback helps, and a lot of feedback helps more. You can rate just one, or all of them, or even provide comments on the designs. If you wanted to, you could even sign up to see which design wins at the end of the polling period. And if none of those links above worked for you, here is the full link, which you can either click on or copy and paste into your web browser: https://99designs.com/book-cover-design/vote-7miqrd

Whatever you do, no matter how small, Harvey would love to see your opinions. So click on those links and get voting! It’s not everyday you get to help choose a book cover!

And for good measure, here’s the link to the Born Lucky design poll one last time. The author of The Farting Princess and the Brave Prince needs your help, so please take a few seconds to vote if you can! https://99designs.com/book-cover-design/vote-7miqrd

On a related note, if any of Harvey’s book titles piqued your interest and you couldn’t find a way to purchase them via the Interweb, that’s because they’re not on the Interweb (yet). If you do want to purchase a copy of any titles mentioned, please email me at thechildlikeauthor at hotmail dot com and I will be happy to arrange both payment and method of shipment. (NOTE: Shipping is not free.) They are all wonderful and wholesome reads, especially for a middle school audience. The stories are literally class-room tested by a horde of 5th and 6th graders, and the kids LOVED Andy Andrews and the Adventure of the 13th Princess, as well as Me and Poophead Penelope. So if you’ve got a child or children in that age group, they will want to read these even if they don’t know it yet. (Why an established publishing house has not yet picked the stories up for publishing is beyond me.) Your kid will like them, and you just might enjoy them, too.


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